18 Jul 2018

Fintech’s double-edged sword

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

Fintech is trying to reach the summit but will face the same issues as the incumbents once (or even if) it gets there.


20 Jul 2018

Shake off any rate cut ideas in NZ

Philip Borkin | Senior Economist, ANZ

NZ’s latest CPI suggests no rate cuts are around the corner – and so does the Taylor Rule.

19 Jul 2018

Data & the understanding gap

Michael Morris | Technology, Media & Telecommunications Partner, Allens

There’s a chasm between business practice on data and consumer understanding of how it is actually used.

18 Jul 2018

In payments, nothing lasts forever

Karl Hoffman | GM Credit Cards & Personal Lending, ANZ

Credit cards were never meant to be the be all and end all. What does the future hold?

17 Jul 2018

Too small to fail

Mark Hand | Managing Director Corporate & Commercial Banking, ANZ

SMEs don’t fail nearly as much as you think they do. So why does the myth persist?

18 Jul 2018

FURTHER READING: omni everywhere

Gemma Simpson | bluenotes contributor

It’s banking, for everyone, in one spot. Or is it? Leigh Mahoney clears the air around omnichannel.

17 Jul 2018

Down by the GBA

Ivy Au Yeung | Chief Executive Officer ANZ Hong Kong

China’s greater bay area opens huge opportunities for faster growth in the world’s second-largest economy.

17 Jul 2018

Goodbye Kitty?

Terrie Lloyd | CEO, Japan Travel KK

Hello Kitty is in freefall. Who's going to save her?

16 Jul 2018


Tony Field | bluenotes contributor

Meet Jamie, ANZ’s new assistant. She will change the way you look at banking.

16 Jul 2018

Are we the robots taking our jobs?

Carl Rhodes & Sarah Kaine | Professor & Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney

A look at education and the future of labour in a democratically engaged workforce.

More insights

13 Jul 2018

Big promises, tiny homes

Kath Walters | Content marketing consultant and freelance journalist

Tiny houses are touted as a solution to homelessness, housing affordability and more. These are big promises.

13 Jul 2018

Just for kicks: lessons in business tactics from the World Cup

Tomasz Ng | bluenotes contributor

In football, the teams which think it through are the ones which prosper. It’s the same in business, these five tips show.

12 Jul 2018

bluenotes debate: the renewable future

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

We chat to a panel of experts about the future slate for renewable energy in Australia.

12 Jul 2018

INFOGRAPHIC: why plastic bans are in vogue

Melissa Currie | Visual Production Editor, bluenotes

Our ‘disposable’ lifestyle means around 50 per cent of plastic is used just once and thrown away. Is it really worth the convenience?

12 Jul 2018

Is the Australian housing market over the hill?

Daniel Gradwell & David Plank | Economist & Head of Australian Economics, ANZ

Confidence in Australia’s housing market has fallen sharply according to the newest ANZ-PCA report.

11 Jul 2018

For banks, how big is too big to fail?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor bluenotes

In some markets there is a sound economic argument for dominant institutions.

12 Jul 2018

Back to the future: the rise of mature age interns

Jessica Mudditt | Freelance Journalist

Australia’s workforce is aging. Are internships the answer to keep people engaged and employed?

09 Jul 2018

New world order: on the precipice of a trade war

Tony Walker | Author and Former Editor

It’s undeniable growth will be affected by any disruption to global trade.

10 Jul 2018

INFOGRAPHIC: how SMEs connect

Melissa Currie | Visual Production Editor, bluenotes

See how Australian SMEs are using social media to connect with customers, build brands and advertise.

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