27 Sep 2022

A digital alternative to online identity theft risk

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Identity theft is a global online scourge but one of the most promising fields of digital innovation is digital, secure IDs.

29 Sep 2022

De-fi the metaverse

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

The development of digital currencies continues apace and all companies need to think about what it means for their business.

29 Sep 2022

The Emergence of the ‘First Time Rate Risers’ (FiTeRRs)

Alan Shields | Chief Data Officer, RFi Group

If you are under 35, it’s almost certain you haven’t been a borrower through a rising interest rate cycle. Are young borrowers prepared for higher loan payments?

27 Sep 2022

Emerging Economics Series: Where to now for Australian housing?

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

It is an inflexion point for Australian residential property with the first sustained rising interest rates cycle in nearly two decades. What does it mean for home owners and renters?

26 Sep 2022

Old habits or the new normal?

Antonia Watson | ANZ Group Executive and CEO, New Zealand

As New Zealand businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, what trends will have changed for good?

21 Sep 2022

Payments NZ lays out ambition for real time payments

Steve Wiggins | Chief Executive of Payments NZ

New Zealand’s industry payments group is mapping out the long term evolution of the system.

19 Sep 2022

University of Canterbury engineers a zero-carbon future

Luke Appleby |

New Zealand's University of Canterbury is Hitting the Target and working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030

15 Sep 2022

A path forward to open banking

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

The benefits of open banking will become increasingly clear as retail and institutional customers begin to participate in the system.

14 Sep 2022

Helping conservation with collaboration, not competition

Elaine Bensted | CEO, Zoos South Australia

Collaboration is the key ingredient in many settings, but most of all when the survival of a species is at stake.

13 Sep 2022

What's the role of cash in financial inclusion?

Steve Worthington | Professor at Swinburne University

With cash usage dropping around the globe how can we ensure this doesn’t lead to financial exclusion for some in the community?

More insights

09 Sep 2022

Impact investing prepares for its revolution

Dan Simpson | Head of Impact Investing, ANZ Private Banking

Impact investing may help solve some of the biggest challenges the world faces. And the investment community is finally coming around to the scale of the opportunity.

08 Sep 2022

Climate change is a gender issue as well as an existential one

Victoria McKenzie-Mcharg | Strategic Director, Women's Environmental Leadership Australia (WELA)

Leadership in Australia has fallen short when it comes to addressing climate issues. We need a management change. Not just new faces, a new style.

12 Sep 2022

The ESG opportunity: poised for long-term success

Shayne Elliott | Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

As the ESG sector continues to evolve, ANZ has aligned its purpose, strategy and ESG priorities to capitalise on the next phase of growth.

02 Sep 2022

Housing affordability improves slightly but not all buyers will benefit

Felicity Emmett & Eliza Owen | Senior Economist, ANZ & Head of Australian Research, CoreLogic

Falling house prices have made things easier for some buyers but rising living costs will continue to stymy many getting a foot in the market.

06 Sep 2022

Feeding the world sustainably

Soni Kumari, Susan Kilsby and Daniel Hynes | Commodity Strategist, Agriculture Economist & Senior Commodities Strategist, ANZ

The opportunities in the agricultural sector are enormous, but population growth, environmental challenges and climate change mean it needs to be done in a more sustainable way.

02 Sep 2022

Twitter values our time. Can it value our dollar?

Somayeh Shiri | Data Scientist, ANZ Institutional

While many question the value of social media, a new tool using Tweets may help forecast movements in the Australian dollar.

01 Sep 2022

To succeed as a leader, embrace diversity

Shane White | Content Manager - Institutional, ANZ

As the war for talent heats up, good leaders should see an explosion in their diversity statistics – they’ll be rewarded for it.

23 Aug 2022

Digitising and greening global supply chains

Martin Smith | Head of Markets Analysis, East & Partners

With business supply chains under constant pressure globally, the opportunity lies in digital innovation and sustainable finance

24 Aug 2022

To boldly go where no regulation has gone before

Andrew Cornell | Managing Editor, bluenotes

Maybe with some reluctance but the authorities are moving to bring the emerging world of digital assets and decentralised finance inside the official tent. Better inside maybe …

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